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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  October 13, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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on tuesday at our debate. >> you know, actually, i think i might skip that one. >> again? >> what are they going to do after the election? they're going to have nothing to play with any more. >> they're going to find something. >> these two are very good. thank you for watching. "cnn saturday morning" starts right now. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to have you with us for cnn saturday morning. we begin with a shooting in denver aimed at the obama campaign headquarters. a single shot into the window. there were people inside the office, but no one was injured. earlier we talked with veda from affiliate kusa about how police are handling the investigation today. >> police are telling us that question that you asked, that they do have a description of a possible vehicle of interest. they're talking about a vehicle
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only, but they have not released any information to us just yet. we just put a call in again to the public information officer and i haven't heard back but detectives tell us that they are reviewing any available footage of the incident and they are pursuing the leads. however, they have not released a vehicle description over or a suspect description or any video at this time. >> president obama, by the way, was no where near denver last night. instead he was out to dinner in d.c. with a few select supporters. the president heads to williamsberg, virginia, to do debate prep. mitt romney heads off for debrate prep, but has a busy day in ohio. romney talked about how proud he was of the vice presidential choice and ryan's performance at the debate this week. >> gosh, we got to watch this guy debate.
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and, there was one person on the stage with thoughtfulness who was respectful who was steady and poised. there's one person on that stage you'd want to be with if there were a crisis. it's this man right here. >> today romney has stomps planned in portsmouth and lebanon and paul ryan will be in youngstown. ohio is one of the key swing states for romney and obama. both have spent a lot of time there talking to voters. >> how are the voters receiving all that attention? cnn political editor paul stein house e steinha steinha steinh steinhauser joining us from ohio. >> i know it sounds like a broken record, if people remember what records are. ohio getting so much attention. 18 electoral vote. not the biggest of the battleground states when it comes to that, florida has more. by my unofficial count here since the start of the general
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election which people perceive to be early april. 16 visits by mitt romney or 16 swings by romney and 12 by the president and most recently 21 days ago and over $91 million spent on campaigns. and just in the last week, the obama campaign and the romney campaign each spend about $2.5 million to put ads up somewhere in ohio. so, yes, a lot of attention to this state and, guess what, the obama campaign just announced this morning that they have two very high-profile surrogates going back to ohio next week. bruce springsteen and former candidate clinton will campaign together for president obama together in ohio. it just goes to show the stakes in this state. if you have all these high-profile candidates going there and all the candidates themselves and the money on the campaign trail. where do the polls stand right now? look at a this, our cnn poll of polls in ohio. we took the three polls that were conducted after that first presidential debate and you
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average them altogether and here's what you get, a very close race in ohio. 50% of likely voters going for the president and 47% for mitt romney. close to what we see on the national stage, as well. cnn poll of polls of national likely voters and, again, basically a dead heat here between the president and between mitt romney when you look at that national poll of polls, as well. randi, victor. >> those are interesting numbers because they have moved a little bit, haven't they? >> ohio has gotten closer. you're right, a little more advantage advantage for the president but we have seen the polls tighten up. so much is at stake on tuesday for the second debate. >> no question about it. >> paul steinhauser, thank you. while the experts and analysts sifted through the facts, what did people at home w wonder about. the top internet searches right after the debate, biden,
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conflating, malarkey. how he described some of paul ryan's facts. here is another google nugget. just type in the words completely wrong into the images search and what you get are mitt romney pictures and quotes over and over, page after page. google says it's not intentional. it's just the result of normal search algorithms. now google algorithms. we'll see what happens. at the vice presidential debate on thursday, one of the bigger issues was the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the romney campaign made it a talking point on the campaign trail. they are hammering vice president biden over his comment that he said "we didn't know about calls for increases security." here's darrell issa on real time with bill maher last night. >> when vice president biden says, we didn't know about their need for more security in libya,
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he's only talk about the president and vice president because as it turns out, he doesn't hear what his own people say at the state department and all up and down underscoring testimony. >> issa should know the details of the testimony, he's the chairman of the house overnight committee that is investigating the libya tragedy. "new york times" reports that biden and the president probably did not know about the security requests. they were handled further down the command chain at the state department level. those requests were largely for tripoli and not actually for benghazi. now to the west coast and the final journey for the space shuttle "endeavour." the shuttle is moving through the streets today by the supermarkets and the shell station and the mcdonald's. really amazing pictures. here at a gas station nearby. it has actually been on the move most of the morning. the shuttle is headed to the california science center. that will be its permanent home, but it could take until midnight to get there. we'll have much more on "endeavour's" final trip throughout the morning. seeing it pull up to the gas
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station. if you were in your car filling up and this thing comes barreling in, what would you think? >> at like 12 miles per hour. in your rear view mirror you see this huge thing coming. >> talk about traffic. like they don't have a problem with traffic already. here's a look at what's coming up. >> playing politics with voter i.d.s. both parties fighting it out in battleground states about who gets to vote and how. all morning we're putting voter i.d. laws in focus. a mystery solved. a missing florida reporter turns up underground. we'll explain. >> it's going to be bloody. and anthony bourdain found himself on the menu when he was roasted in new york city. wait until you hear what his friends have to say. victor! victor!
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to politics now and we're focusing on voter i.d. laws this morning and the effect it could have on the presidential election. democrats say that republican legislatures are on a mission to toughen election laws with a goal of suppressing the democratic vote. in florida, the state legislature, which is controlled by the gop, decided to cut the sunday before election day as an early voting day. well, it's a day known as souls to the polls. that's when african-americans typically leave church to vote. here's an excerpt from joe john's documentary, voters in america, who counts. >> you want your country back? i want mine back. don't have an election if they don't come. >> reporter: for the gop primary marks the maiden voyage of the election law he crafted.
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>> election is all about turnout. for the primary on tuesday, we're working right now to get around saturday morning. this is the grassroots. precinct walking. we are going right on the street. you know what the number is, i'll just go house-to-house. >> i'm dennis back ly. >> this is the last early voting day. >> reporter: he agreed to change the last day of early voting from sunday to saturday. >> what the data from 2008 showed quite clearly african-americans preferred to vote on the sundays and did so in proportions much greater than their overall numbers. >> on the sunday prior to election day after church services, people got on buses and they rolled to the superv e supervisor of election office and they voted. >> we may take 200 or 300 people to vote. >> take your souls to the polls.
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>> no longer is that day available. >> how does eliminating that day affect voter fraud? >> reporter: why take away the last sunday? >> you can still vote on sunday, just a different sunday. knock yourself out, load a bus, go vote the sunday before. >> reporter: but that sunday was the big sunday where so many people went straight from church to the polls. >> i felt like we had too narrow of a window. there was only 24 hours to change hour from early voting format to the general election format. >> you can see the entire joe johns documentary voters in america, who counts this sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. now, joe johns asked the question why. but with a tight presidential race on the line, the other big question is what. what will be the impact? the answer will be critical, especially in swing states like florida where minorities are a key voting bloc. critics and activists are
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concerned. they're concerned that the tough new election laws are really a political tool to suppress voters from turning out. we're talking minority voters who include congregations like reverend richard dunn. he is a pastor at the baptist church and joins us from miami near plantation, florida. thanks for joining us and you just heard the state representative explain why he was in favor of eliminating sunday as the last day of early voting. he says it's a scheduling issue. do you buy that? >> absolutely, positively, unequivocally not. >> tell me why. >> well, i mean, i believe he realizes that the african-american church historically has been the main stay of the african-american community. i'm sure he received the numbers of the amount of ballots that were cast in 2008. so, i believe it's the diversionary tactic and
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detrimental tactic and even a demonic tactic that is being used to suppress the voter turnout. >> you call it a demonic tactic. that is very strong. >> i know it is. and i don't mix my words. i believe any time you try or anyone tries to take away the very tenant of our democratic country, the right to vote, that's a precious, inailiable right that has been granted that separates us from many a other countries and makes us one of the greatest countries in the world. whenever you take that away from a person regardless of race, color, creed or political party a, it's shameful. >> so, you say that this is a demonic tactic intentionally to suppress the vote. but supporters of the law, they would say it's just one day less of early voting. you have all the days before that. ultimately, what do you think the impact will be? i mean, why not just do it the previous sunday? >> well, i mean, you know, any
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time you take away anything, you know, when you look at the voting polls across the country, my question would be then, why do we have voting polls at churches, schools, community clubs, senior citizen centers. why do you have it? because you want to make voting as convenient as possible. you want to accommodate the voters so that they can, in fact, have the right. not only have they done that. they have been purging the rolls. i have three individuals in my church who are ex-felons and they took their names off the rolls. previously they were able to vote and under the leadership of governor scott, we see that this is a debolical tactic to suppress voter turnout. >> there will be some who see a pastor who is now bringing religion into a political conversation when you use comparing these people to demons. what do you say to the people who say that maybe this is not a
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place that the church should venture into. i mean, this is a political conversation. you should be more concerned about saving souls and leading a congregation. >> well, that's why organizations coin the phrase souls to the polls. jesus once said, render unto caesar and render unto god what is god's. we have government ordained by god. if you look at moses, he was involved in government. if you look at joseph, he was involved in government. all throughout the bible, i mean, in the bible you see strong personalities who were involved in government. it is a right. we must support those things that will provide the quality of life and will provide a standard of living for human beings. so, any time you suppress that, any time you take away that, it has to be demonic and diabolical. >> the last question, i want to talk about policy, aside from politics. and the president endorsed gay
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marriage as a policy. do you think that will affect the black voter turnout in your congregation and across the country? >> that's an excellent question. as soon as he made that statement as a pastor, as a student of the bible, as one who believes in the word of god. we certainly cannot support gay marriages, but we certainly know that the president is the president for all people. he did not, in fact, legislate gay marriages. so, at the end of the day, god has made us free moral agents where an individual can choose whatever they choose. however, there are consequences for all of us when we disobey the word of god. regardless if it's gay or lesbianism if it's adultery, in the eye of god, sin is sin. while i don't agree with the president on this issue, i am certainly not going to throw the baby out with the bath. >> reverend richard dunn talking to us from plantation, florida, thank you.
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police in leewood, kansas,
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are searching for the thieves that drove their car through the front window of an apple store friday morning. believe it or not, the it is the second time thieves broke into this particular apple store using a car. after a 2010 burglary they added metal bars and those were damaged in friday's break-in. a florida man got quite a shock this week when he found a giant eyeball on pompano beach. take a look. there it is, right? pretty gross looking. gina turned over the eye, roughly the size of a softball to police who then sent it on to a lab. the commission is working to figure out exactly what kind of creature this eyeball came from. a spokeswoman says it's probably a large fish. the woman who found it thinks it is a squid. the findingis should be in next week. the washington nationals ended with a catastrophic
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failure. they blew a four-run lead and the cards now move on to face the san francisco giants in the national league championship series. well, the nats may be out of the game, but their mascot and fans are showing that they have game, gangnam style. >> we know you know the moves, too. that kind of thing. >> is that how it goes, really? >> don't act all brand-new. you know it. a korean pop star and his youtube hit is getting a lot of sporty renditions from tennis court in china to the baseball field right here in washington, d.c. here's cnn's mark mckay. >> reporter: by now you've watched it, sang the song or even done the dance. >> the style is noble at daytime and crazy at night. that's gangnam style. >> reporter: the video has become a worldwide hit. went viral on youtube with 4 million views. now the song and dance are
7:25 am
making their way into the world of sports. last week, tennis star novak djokovic busted a move with some fans in beijing to celebrate his china open win. baseball fans in the u.s. had a good laugh as the washington nationals team mascots strutted their stuff before the president's race. the video was among the most viewed clips ever on a president race website. and edison kavani jumped on the band wagon after scoring against parma. and then the oregon duck pumping up the school spirit for the university of oregon with his version of the song. the duck is a hit on youtube, too, with more than 5 million views. but while everyone knows his song, the korean pop star says he's still trying to get people to remember his name. >> the video is much more popular. so, if people say, like, hey,
7:26 am
i'm, and then gaggnam style. youtube? video? things go like this. >> reporter: he is now working with justin bieber's producer on his next big hit. in the meantime sports players, fans and mascots are dancing to the gangnam style anthem. mark mckay, cnn, atlanta. >> i love it. >> i do, too. >> i don't think i could do it. >> you can do it. i've seen a few smooth moves from you. >> walking through the newsroom, is that how i go through the newsroom. >> there's randi, again. >> shuffling through. >> i love this, although i think in a few years it will go the way of the macarena. >> we still remember it. >> it's not so cool any more. this is cool. >> yes, it is. i like the wardrobe. i have to get one of those. >> i love that turquoise leather
7:27 am
vest he had on. >> see, that was the one thing -- >> that was hot. >> we're sitting here in atlanta if i put on a leather vest zipped up to here. drips. space shuttle "endeavour" on its final journey and this one is through the streets, the streets of los angeles. jack, you're a little boring.
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